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every OTHER Tuesday

2/24 we are going to have healing circle at
American Muscle Care Clinic

18 North Road, Bedford, MA 01730
(978) 761-8254
There’s plenty of parking there which is why were moving the venue. 

landmarks: On the same side of the street is the Bedford Hotel, Bedford Farms Ice Cream, Dalya's,park in this lot,(snowbanks may obscure the parking lot).  Look for the white house with a large beech tree, next to Dalya's. Across the street from the parking lot is Sullivan's Tire. Facing the front door, the entrance Is on the left . Next to the only picture window, the entrance is the only one with no stairs.

Charity Event for PAWS

March 15th

March 28th


With Love and Gratitude
2 Emery Road Bedford, MA 01730
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