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we can help, all monies rasied are donated to the charity of your choosing

We are always interested in raising money for charity.  If you have a space and would like to join us in supporting a worthwhile cause, contact us. 

the Build Your Business rationale for donating your space:
The Bottom Line
•    generates goodwill
•    increases your foot traffic
•    free local advertising
•    you reach a new audience
•    separates you from the competition
•    new services for your customers
•    costs you nothing
•    increases your company’s name recognition
Serenity Yoga Studio sponsored a Pay It Forward Day.   80 people came and had a day of fun and exploration in the world of alternative healing arts all while supporting a great cause.  $1055.00 was donated to the Bedford Community Table Pantry.   The Yoga studio was written up in 2 newspapers and the local TV station did a show on the event. 

Join With Love and Gratitude to Co-Sponsor a charitable event (of your choice) by providing a space to hold the event.  With Love and Gratitude donates their time, skills and all organization, to help make the event a success.  You donate your space...we donate 100% of all monies to the Charity of your choice.  

With Love and Gratitude will:

  • Promote the event on its website and social media
  • Mail out monthly reminders to its email subscribers  
  • Provide you with all advertising materials
  • Provide practitioners, free of charge, prepared with their own equipment and materials for the event
  • Set up for the event and completely clean up after the event

To help make the event successful, we ask you to:
•    Choose the Charity you would like to donate to
•    Select a date/time of the event in advance

We do the rest…

We appreciate your consideration and the opportunity to partner.  It would be an honor and privilege to work with you in giving back to the community.

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